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Dec 18, 2012 4:00am PST
quote of things, and that includes owners of small businesses as the end of year approaches. with me is sonja brisard, she's owner of bookeeping express and is here with tips for small business
Dec 7, 2012 8:30am PST
did you call me? yes,iha chi! i'm sorry. next door being noisy. sorry i will go and tell them to be quiet. very, very sorry. [loud party noises] come on in. excuse me. sorry. can you keep the noise down please? be a little bit quieter. huh? be quiet. look at this. three young men on holiday. three beautiful geishas and all this expensive saki we ordered from you and you tell us to be quiet. actually we don't mind but someone next door complained. someone complained? about us? tell them to come here and complain to our faces. no. no. wait! i understand. they're just jealous. we're here having a good time and they're all alone, right? that's it. they're just jealous. maybe so but actually it's not just an ordinary person that complains. what do you mean not an ordinary person? someone with three heads, six legs? a ghost? very funny, sir, but actually it's a samurai. samurai? next door? why didn't you tell us. we don't like samurais? sometimes they just kill people by mistakes. sorry about that. samurai? okay. okay. we understand and we'll be quiet. okay. ladies sorry. parties ov
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am PST
it follow me and be with you for eternity-y-y ♪ ♪ ye-e-ah ♪ uh-huh >> this is jared monaco, kennedy brock, and we are the maine. this song is called "don't stop now." 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ well, where i come from ♪ you learn to take it nice and slow ♪ ♪ but, baby, since we met ♪ oh, it's been go, go, go ♪ so you can rough me up ♪ yeah, baby, you can hurt me, too ♪ ♪ because all i got ♪ you see, all i got is you ♪ so you can rough me up ♪ you can break me down ♪ baby, don't stop now ♪ oh, you can use me up till it all runs out ♪ ♪ baby, don't stop now ♪ i'm all yours ♪ i'm all yours somehow ♪ baby, don't stop now ♪ i said where i come from ♪ you learn to make the best of things ♪ ♪ and, honey, since we met ♪ oh, you know you've had the best of me ♪ ♪ so you can lock me up ♪ yeah, baby, throw away that key ♪ ♪ because all i know ♪ is that this is where i want to be ♪ ♪ so you can rough me up ♪ you can break me down ♪ baby, don't stop now ♪ oh, you can use me up till it all runs out ♪ ♪ baby, don't stop now ♪ i'm all y
Dec 21, 2012 8:30am PST
, sumo you need a judge. [noises]ow! h iiiha chi. samurai is calling me. what's wrong now. did you call me? yes. oh, no, next door being noisy again. so, sorry, i'll go and tell them to be quiet. sorry, sorry. excuse me. [ noises] hey! come and join us. sorry but can you be quiet please, samurai. samurai? samurai? sorry we forgot. sorry. samurai. okay. we'll be quiet. unbelievable. that was your fault. you were the one that started talking about, sum. that was you making all the noise. shhhhhhh be quiet. let's change the subject. what shall we talk about now. we talked about sports. the weather. no. i know. let's talk about [whistles] women, love, romance, passion. look at us. we're not popular with the ladies. we haven't got any stories. actually we've got no experience. wait! i've got a story. i had an experience. you? yeah. actually i've never told you this before but in my younger days i used to work in a kimono shop. you did? yes. and 8 years ago i went to the house of the samurai to sell kimonos and the samurais name was,uto,gotomosh. but when i arrived only the samurais wife was
Dec 14, 2012 12:00am PST
like to buy one, detective stall, do you think you can do me a favor and get this. >> rose: now she stars in captain bigelow's upcoming film, zero dark 30 about the hunt for and killing of osama bin laden. >> we are spending billions of dollars, we are still no closer to defeating our enemy. >> >> no birth certificate, no cellphone. the guy is a ghost. >> he is right in the inner circle. >> the whole world is going to want to know why was he targeted? >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> oh, my god. is that what i think it is? >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> rose: three is also performing on broadway today in the heiress. >> father, don't you think she the most beautiful man you have ever seen? >> he is very good looking, my dear, of course you wouldn't let that sway you unduly. >> oh, no, no. but that is what is so wonderful to me, that he should have everything, everything that a woman could want. >> rose: in january she stars in a horror film called momma. >> >> rose: joining me now the actress called hollywood's most fashionable chameleon she is clearl
Dec 20, 2012 2:30am PST
muchísimo más. llévatela ya con $149 de enganche o $149 al mes, ¿qué esperas? llámanos ya a capitol expressway ford. capitol expressway ford tiene una gran selección de autos nues y seminuevos, más de 350, somos la súper tienda de autos seminuevos, mire nada más este fantástico 2011 mazda3 i, aire acondicionado, ventanas eléctricas, cd player, conexión mp3 y muchísimo más, excelente en la gasolina, más de 30 millas por galón. llévatelo ya con $139 de enganche o $139 al mes, ¿qué esperas? llámanos ya en capitol expressway ford. amigo, amiga, llama ya a capitol expressway ford porque todos nuestros autos seminuevos tienen el carfax que es el historial del vehículo, mire nada más este fantástico 2006 ford explorer, perfecto para tu familia, ocho pasajeros, asientos de piel, detalles en madera, cd player, automático y muchísimo más. el precio: $139 de enganche o $139 al mes, ¿qué estás esperando? llámanos ya a capitol expressway ford. ¿estás pensando en manejar un auto nuevo? llámanos ya a capitol expressway ford y llévate este fabuloso y nuevecito, 2013 for
Dec 11, 2012 9:30pm PST
at that photograph of me. thank you for the inspiration. [laughter] >> well we are joking about the corsets, you say it had a message. it was not showing the women in their undergarments for sexual reasons. it was to show their strong women. certainly madonna personified that. >> definitely. >> was it actually madonna in in 1990, the blond ambition tour, but this was not the first time you had done these bras. there was a link with africa. did i get that right? >> i did not get the thing with africa. >> i thought that when we see -- >> yes, yes, 1985. the first corset dress, i did a collection. collections were big. it was a mix of difficulty. and the lingerie. one part was the lingerie. i did it i think in 1981. i came out with the collection in 1982. of course, i was inspired by my grandmother. but something else. musical. i saw a musical in new york. something like about the life of fellini. they made a movie of it -- only a few years ago, which was not so good, but the play was excellent. it was broadway. there was one scene where all the women were preparing themselves for the show. all in cors
Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
put it in a dress. i cut bras with newspaper or a magazine and would use pins to make that bra. to me, it was like the silhouettes as of may be on the tv. we saw a lot of movies. so i tried to reconstitute the body of a woman. and -- >> how old were you at this point? >> i think i was around -- i was around, i was a round -- the teddy bear, i got it at 3:00, but i let him free at that time at the three years old. i let him free. i think i was around five years old that i started to take care of him. first, very important, i was -- [unintelligible] seeing on my grandmother. she had white hair. so i was putting on the the bear a little color that was kind of blue. after that, i do not know why, but i said he has to change. so it was more red, which was a strong color, too. then i try to make it black. that did not work. the texture of the paintings, because i was putting paintings on him, did not go with it. so i had to destroy it and start again. blue, red, start again. all the make up was the makeup of my grandmother. you can see an exhibition a teddy bear. i should say that he is a l
Dec 28, 2012 9:35pm EST
vuestro recuerdo, me ha mantenido con vida. pero si hace un instante ni siquiera recordabais mi nombre. no, un lapsos. fruto de... de... la impresión mujer. la emoción. ¿eh? cada día que ha pasado al caer el sol, envuelto en la noche miraba; frente a las estrellas y gritaba: ¡teresa! ¡teresa! ¿no lo oíais? no. [sollozando] ¡snif,snif! quizá... quizá un poquito. a distancia. Ése era yo, loco... por volver a vuestro lado. loco por estar en vuestro lecho. soy un frágil ruiseñor y vos... vos sois mi nido. Álvaro... alvaro, no sé si creeros. creedme, creedme. ♪ ay... os creo... os creo. ¡ay...! ¡ah! sois una rosa y yo... Álvaro... sigue... os deshojaré, pétalo a pétalo. deshojadme, deshojadme. claro que sí. ¡deshojadme! mi amor... cómo se quita esto... [recordando] ¡preparaos para morir! ¡un momento, un momento! ¡callaos fornicador! el duelo será a pistola y a cinco pasos. uno... [disparo] ¡pum! ¡ah, desgraciado! ¡traidor, cobarde! ¡vos! teresa. ¡ah! esto... no es lo que parece. ¡a mí la guardia! ♪ esta vez no escaparéis, vais a pagar por todas vuestras
Dec 24, 2012 3:30am PST
for me, sparkles -- no, freckles. sorry, i cannot say. [laughter] but she has beautiful red hair, light afro type but red hair. to me, i was like, oh, my god, she is so beautiful. for me, if i want to be friends with someone that i admire, i have to be like him or her, cannot have the red hair. so i say, i also come from nigeria and i am like you. [laughter] i do not think she believed me so i was inventing names. anyway. so she influenced me. she had white skin. you could see her veins. she was very strange but beautiful for me. i was always attracted by different beauty that i saw everywhere. i remember some movies called guess who's coming to have dinner tonight with sydney party. i remember i said to my parents -- i was 12. if i come with a black girl, what will you say? and they say, if you love her, that is perfect for you. years after when it told them what i could say about the fact was going with a guy, they said if you love each other, that is wonderful. so i think i was lucky to have parents like that. very modern. very open-minded. unlike for some, there's no question of rel
Dec 31, 2012 3:30am PST
to be sensitive anyway. but to look real mature like that. so i wanted to show the first collection i did. for me, it was evident. the male object. i always felt, not consulted because i do not consider myself as a woman, but i felt insulted for the woman to say, you know, there was that expression for the woman. [speaking foreign language] she had a lot to say, a very modern woman. i say, is that completely stupid? maybe she is beautiful. so i say that the men i show will be balanced. i do not say that is the only object, not at all. unless maybe. but i want to show that community and men. and i wanted to show the masculinity in the woman. >> humans and in passing just now farida kelfer, the was the beginning of the showing on the runway, models who were not typical of the models at the time. i am sorry to say that is this still true that we see so little diversity on the runways. it is really shameful. you have always thought their direct there are -- showing that there is a recurrence of the beauty from debra countries and origins. >> i was 11 or 12 in a school that was mixed. there were boys
Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
bárbaro. >> ¡hola! ¡hola, mi amor! >> hola, lili. >> ay, muac, muac, muac. >> ¿me vas a hacer magia? >> claro que sí. pero después de cenar jugamos. >> sí. >> hola. >> hola, mi amor. >> ¿cómo te fue? >> hola, leti. >> ¿cómo estás? >> muy bien. >> ¿qué tal? >> a ver, guillo, vamos a ponerte la pijama y a que te laves los dientes. >> sí, mami, sí. >> Ándele, ya. (risas). >> guillo. >> gracias. >> ay, qué agradeces, por dios. >> ¡no! ¡no! (risas). >> oye, mi amor ¿cómo te fue? >> muy bien, mamá. >> ¿no quieres una tacita de chocolate? >> ¿ustedes ya merendaron? >> bueno, guillo sí, beatriz anda sin hambre. está bien rico. >> liliana ¿tú qué harías si te enteraras que una persona muy cercana a ti está enferma y quieres ayudarla, pero no debes traicionar su confianza? >> mamá. yo sé por qué beatriz no quiere comer. >> ay ¿por qué, lili? >> porque padece bulimia. yo escuché a francisco hablando de eso con ella y dándole ánimos para salir adelante. >> buli, bu ¿qué? ¿bulimia? >> bulimia. >> oye ¿y eso qué es? >> pues francisco me dijo que es un deso
Dec 26, 2012 4:30am PST
. please believe your daughter. i am a friend. - angry horse wanted to kill me, but he wouldn't let him. and then he made all the indians promise not to fight, no matter what. - they'll have to fight. they've no choice. my husband's men are gathering the ranchers right now to lead them to the reservation. - gathering where? - at pilgrim crossing. - lila, i know how brave you are. are you too tired to go on being brave? - what do i have to do? - mrs. kilgore, if your husband makes that attack, no ranch in this territory will be safe. it's best if the both of you go to the mission church. it's a long run and not easy. certainly not easy for you, mrs. kilgore. - i'll survive. - oh, you just depend on me. if anything happens... - if anything happens, i'll protect you. and it's about time. - you hurry and pack your things. i can't ask a wife to inform on her husband. but if there's anything you can tell me, anything that'll help prevent this war, please let me know. - he doesn't deserve any loyalty. not from me or-- or lila. i can tell you this. he won't stop when he knows that she's safe. h
Dec 26, 2012 12:00am PST
? >> and the tragedy that changed everything. >> i think it did scar me. >> plus saying no to plastic surgery and hello to fame. >> you see this as this scar, i don't see myself that way. >> barbra streisand the way she is, a funny girl. this is "piers morgan tonight." people ask me who i would most like to have on my show as a guest, one namcontinuously pops up in my mind. a voice that i believe is the greatest it's ever been. a humanitarian, a political activist, a wife a mother and she's a funny girl. she is, of course, barbra streisand. i even got your name right. >> did you say barbra. >> i say barbra. more important, i got streisand right. we had dinner together and you lectured me that i kept calling you barbra streisand. >> very english. >> streisand. >> by god, you've got it. >> now, i've just come from watching your brilliant new movie. i don't say that lightly. "guilt trip." it reminded me exactly what it would be like if i went on a road trip with my mother. about you and seth rogen, you go on this bizarre road trip together. you're the archetypical jewish mama and he's the archetypical jew
Dec 12, 2012 5:00am PST
, cantante los que iban en el avión y serán extrañados siempre, me duele el corazón porque es una gran perdida . >> cuándo la viste por última vez? se fueron hace poco de parranda le gustaba la canción de paloma negra también cuándo canto en tu boda . >> grandes recuerdos de jenni nos queriamos ,nos mandabamos mensajes y ella decía algo chistoso que se identificaba conmigo por nuestros pantalones bien puestos , no me acuerdo de la última vez, pero si disfruto ,la mujer la artista que todos conocimos pero ella tan cálida, divertida tan real, es lo que me llevo en mi corazón . >> alguna anecdota? . >> tengo varias pero ayer que miraba mis fotos de mi boda, me acordaba que después no se pudo quedar a dormir , tuvo que tomar vuelo también para ir a cantar y así era su vida, mujer trabajadora no solo por su trabajo también ser madre , abuela , hija era tremenda, así fue siempre la recordare en mi boda . >> tu relación con arturo rivera? . >> estuve con el y también con jacob , cenamos con jessica maldonado hace poco , es un hombre que a mi también me ayudo , dedicado a su t
Dec 31, 2012 3:00am PST
. course we got troubles too. i'll take care of the troubles like when we was kids. me and you against everybody eh smiley. sure. got my rod? wearing it right next to my heart. let me have it. sure. [bang. bang. bang. bang] [music] [music] [dramatic music] [fire roaring] [bubbling noise] [music] [bubbling noise] [music] [music] [music and chanting] [music and chanting] (woman's voice) just can't understand it walking down the street minding my own business. i step off the curve car comes tearing around the corner against the red light. the cop should have picked up the driver of that car not me. say are you a trustee? yes. how long have you been in this stir? three hundred odd years. gosh it's hot here! gets like this in florida sometimes. florida nah florida never smelled like this. like rotten eggs. precisely young man rotten eggs. the unpleasant odor is caused by h2 s 04. hydrogen sulfuric acid the most common compound of hydrogen and sulfur. am i right? i poisoned my wife with a sulfur compound. my young wife she was unfaithful. i was a chemist. what do you mean was? before they ha
Dec 11, 2012 4:30pm PST
to talk to and he brought me into his office and it was around september of 2009 and i said, sean i'm thinking about running for supervisor and he said mal lea are you sure? and then he showed me his bar of scotch. and is this not public information -- i'm sorry -- my apologizes and he sat me down for a couple of hours and walked neither through the ins and outs of what to did and he said get out there and when you come out you come out strong and i took his advise and definitely credit that advise for helping me for becoming a member of the boards of supervisor and is so i want to say thank you and now one of the thing that happened after the election and i said, sean i did it and he said yes you did and then he walked me from his office into the champ better -- sorry and he turned on the lights, and it was empty and i remember this profound sense washed over me and it was a sense to serve san francisco but it was a sense that to share with sean somebody i looked up to -- sorry you know how difficult this is going to be for me and i was going to try to kef my exposure because one
Dec 18, 2012 12:00am EST
, help, because your mind is so crazy. all of your best ideas are coming out. i would go, help, help me. i would always be heard. the phone would ring, the male would come. something would shift. i would be ok again. thank you, thank you. like, i am back. then about 15 years ago, maybe more, i realized that all you had to do to ship your consciousness was to step outside. you don't go outside and go, it is a medium starry night here tonight. you step outside and see the stars and go, wow, every time. it is like being spritzed with a plant mister. you take the action and the inside. there is no thought that is going to set you free. it will be a spirit of waking back up and going, wow. tavis: i love it. it simplifies what so many of us struggle with, just trying to find a way to have a prayer life. i have decided, after talking to you so many times over the years, it is best to go right to your work. you write so powerfully and beautifully. from the help section, "there is freedom in hitting bottom, in seeing that you won't be able to save for rescue your daughter, her spouse, his parent
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
to get killed. sorry your honor. dear listen to me i was talking to dr higgins he said that. listen rosy i'm handling it my way first comes bentley. then comes that st louie two-faced double-crossin backstabbin. fred! i'll show you a few tricks on how to get smiley, tricks you never even dreamed of. sure sure i go through with the trial in nothin flat and then we shoot out to st louie. what will we do in st louis? not you just us. not me just us? darling you frighten me when you talk like this. this is strictly between me and smiley were going south together. on a vacation? to florida? further south it's a hundred times hotter. boss i tell ya thems his honors own words. and get this he said he's gonna rush through with the trial. then hop quick to st louie and get smiley. that's dangerous talk for a judge and a gubernatorial candidate to make. are you sure you heard right are you positive? yea he called him a double-crossin backstabber. who was running the racket with the judges dough. nice work jim, boys we're in. the honorable judge just put himself right out of the running. shaggsey t
Dec 23, 2012 3:30pm PST
'm sorry. i'm sorry. [ speaking in tagalog ] escobar, you have to come with me. let me go. i know what you are. i know you're working with that woman. i'm not. i'm here to help you. if you want to wait around and ask her, she'll be here soon. if you want to live, you'll come with me. [ sobbing ] i can't give you much. for one thing, i don't think the diamond is real. well, then, i guess frankie fingers was wrong about you. what about frankie fingers? he said you were a stand-up guy and not a cheat, and here you are telling me that this rock isn't real. why didn't you say up front you were a friend of frankie's? frankie was like a son to me. of course i'm going to give you a good price. you don't seem that broken up about the death of your "son." he had a good run. that's all any of us can expect. in fact, it's been almost 10 years to the day that frankie broke his string of bad luck, but for the last 10 years, he's been the best damn jewel thief in vancouver. 10 years, huh? hmm. you think someone killed him for his anniversary present? i don't know who did it, but i won't be surprised if i
Dec 21, 2012 1:30am PST
. it was something that was not engrained in me besides the story. i sat down and thought about the story my mother told me about her brother being ill. he at one point went from hong kong to japan to recuperate. he was the one that wanted to be an artist and wanted to paint. i thought about that because it must have been hard growing up in hong kong to be far away from everything and have a dream and get sick at this point. i thought u is there a story here? that's the way it begins for writers. people think things jump out and we have it in our head. it's the opposite we have nothing in our head. we turn on the machine and praying for something to come. with women of the silk i researched for 6 amongs and read and read and read. in one book i found 2 lines about the woman silk workers and knew immediately that's hai wanted to write about. it came to me like a dream that every writer prays for that you just knew you wanted to write about this. with the second book it was difficult i sat down and didn't know what i was going to write for about 6 months. which was fearful for me because of the fact
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
? >> and the tragedy that changed everything. >> i think it did scar me. >> and the politics, plastic surgery and the personal side of fame. >> you see me as this star. i don't see myself like that. >> barbra streisand, the way she is, a funny girl. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> people ask me who i would most like to have on my show as a guest one name pops up in my mind. she's a fabulous actress with a voice i believe is the greatest that's ever been. she's a humanitarian, activist, wife, mother and a funny girl. she is, of course, barbra streisand. i even got the name right. >> did you say bah-bra? >> i said barbra. >> i got the last name right. i said it in a very eng rich way. >> [ english accent ] by god, you've got it. >> i have come from watching your brilliant new movie "guilt trip." it reminded me what it would be like if i went on a trip with my mother. you and seth rogen go on a bizarre trip. you are the arche type of a jewish mother. a loving, touching film. let's watch a clip. >> i'm over here! honey. >> hey, ma. >> i'm over here. >> i see you. all of new york sees you. >>
Dec 5, 2012 9:30pm PST
. [applause] >> hi. thanks for having me. i am really nervous. anyway tech sf -- wow, i see this project as a answer to our prayers because i share the worries of a lot of students regarding internships and permanent employment opportunities, so thank you for this program. the office of economic and work force development and mayor and dr. momordi and the computer head of engineering at sf state. well i guess i am here today to tell you a story -- well, i will tell you one about opportunities . with blessing and disguise i see opportunities in different forms. several years ago i hit a roadblock in my life and i saw the military as an opportunity to change my life and change the life of others, so i signed up to be a soldier in the army, and i did this quick fast and in a hurry so i don't have time to change my mind. it's a nerve wracking experience, but one that do i not regretd, so when i signed up i was shipped out in three weeks. i was presented with a lot of job offers from being a 42 alpha or paper pusher, i guess -- that's what we call it. combat camera and a medic which is a
Dec 28, 2012 12:00am PST
and the personal side of fame. >> you see me as this star. i don't see myself like that. >> barbra streisand, the way she is. a funny girl. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> people ask me who i would most like to have on my show as a guest, one name continuously pops up in my mind. a great actress, an iconic voice. a humanitarian, a wife, a mother, and a funny girl. she is, of course, barbra streisand. i even got your name right. >> did you say barbra? >> barbra, but i said streisand right. we had dinner and you corrected me. streisand. >> that's it, by god, you've got it. >> now, i have just come from watching your brilliant new movie. i don't say that lightly, "guilt trip." the reason i loved it is it reminded me exactly what it would be like if i went on a road trip with my mother. it's about you and seth rogen. you go off on a crazy road trip together. you're the archetypal jewish mother and he's the archetypal son, and hilarity ensues. >> i'm over here. i'm over here. >> i see you, hey. all of newark sees you. >> hi, there. hey, mom. good to see you. >> look at you. >> look at me. >>
Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm PST
, maricruz esto presente, ganó su viaje a méxico, el ver tu video me conmovio mucho. el verte junto al señor roberto gómez bolaños, también como te sentiste >>verme a su lado, fue un sueño, fue una experiencia muy linda, él me dio un beso, ya con eso estoy feliz. >>maricruz es costarricense. >>si, estoy feliz de estar aquí, y con ganas de volver >>me dieron torta de jamón, se la recomiendo a todos, también me dieron mi chipote chillón >>tu que viviste tu infancia con chespirito, que'sigue. que le puedes decir a la gente que tiene familia y pueden seguir tu ejemplo >>que no se den por vencidos, nunca te dejes vencer, síganme los buenos, no se depriman porque todo pasa. todo pasa. >>definitivamente esta es una gran celebracion y tú eres parte de ella, mari, continuamos con más de esta celebracion. ♪. ♪. (aplausos) >>me encanta. es impresionante como chespirito sigue trascendiendo generaciones vamocon chiquibabys. >>como están. >>fantasticamente >>como se sienten de formar parte de este homenaje >>muy contentos, él forma parte de nuestra niñez, y estamos contentos de estar
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am PST
one couldn't ask for more delightful weather. take that grin off of your face. now please permit me the privilege of expressing my happy frame of mind with a few facial wrinkles. relieves the tension. look out i don't put some wrinkles on you that'll stay for keeps. [police sirens] [brakes screech] what's the matter i wasn't speeding. i didn't say you was, let me see your drivers license ha i must of left it in my other suit. in this state that ain't good. how about your owners license? tell him its your fiancé's car, tell him you borrowed it to go to a campaign meeting where you are making a speech. don't you recognize me i'm judge parker, i'm running for governor in the next state. there's a political shindig there tonight and i'm making a speech. this is my 'financees' car see and she just let me have it for the emergency. what's her name? barbara foster. that's an interesting set of circumstances a girl by that name phoned the police and reported her car stolen. and the description of the car and the license number was identical with the one you're driving. i'm telling you you
Dec 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
and me. >> you know what? you're taunting. this is taunting. this is actually certifiable taunting. you are taunting me. tavis: that's james taylor and tavis smiley. >> yes. i'm surprised you're not making out. tavis: so how about the book cover, guys? >> no, no, forget the book cover. let's see the after picture. tavis: there you go. there's the book cover. >> by the way, i now know why you're mr. smiley. tavis: why? oh, yeah, yeah. >> okay, what's your favorite james taylor song ever written? tavis: ooh, come on, come on. >> best james taylor song ever written? oh, come on, if you had asked me on the spot -- tavis: that changes every week. >> say if we had just switched the whole thing and i'm in your seat? tavis: give me yours, give me yours. >> well, come on. tavis: give me yours. >> "millworker," greatest song ever written. tavis: "millworker" is good. >> no. "millworker" is great. tavis: "carolina in my mind" is awfully good. >> aw, "carolina in my mind" is boring, boring. tavis: "sweet baby james," pretty good, pretty good. >> flag is the best album, by the way, because "millwork
Dec 28, 2012 3:00am PST
doesn't talk to me for a year she will get over it. i sent it. within an hour an e mail came back and all it was was, you are right. she finished the next one. the bulk of the first draft in 6 months. so, you know, i mean, who knows. so i felt this way to a large extent. it was not easy it was hard in a lot of ways because of the culture and the story and because of getting it right but i thought it helped me as a writer. so i will sip not gin and read a section and i will throw it open and see if you can ask me something that you might be interested in instead of hearing me speak. whoa has read this book? do i need to explain? no. [laughter] i was -- i had written, 3 quarters of the book and i was getting tired of only seeing from the point of view of steven. sometimes you get bored with your own character and your own voice because it was coming from his point of view only i thought how would i get another voice in here. this is the fun part of write itting makes you creative. when you get in a jam you think of things you might not normally do. i thought i need to get other voic
Dec 29, 2012 2:00am PST
your child's teacher this year, no need to thank me. i'm here to help, part of my mission. when you're gathered with your family and friends, remember to appreciate what you have and give to those less fortunate because every time a bell rings, a stripper gets her wings. it is a wonderful life on the ridiculist. >> tune in next week to see your picks for the top five of the year. that does it for "360." >>> piers morgan's interview with tyler perry begins in just a minute. i'm candy crowley in washington with the latest on the fiscal cliff negotiations. there was a big meeting at the white house today between the president and the four leaders, two republicans and two democrats on capitol hill. senator harry reid told reporters afterwards that the next 24 hours would be very important, as he and republican leader mitch mcconnell try to put together something that would pass both of their caucuses, that republicans in the senate would vote for and that democrats in the senate would vote for. and then, of course, it would have to go to the house. now, the majority leader senator reid
Dec 29, 2012 5:00am EST
me metió en muchos problemas. ♪ pero en un momento el tiempo se detuvo y todo adquirió sentido ♪ entonces me caí y me rompí la muñeca pero es día supe que en otra vida podría volar. por eso en esta vida bailo ¡tara! [claxón] ¡piii,piii! lo siento [balido de oveja] ¡beee,beee,beee! [silbido] ¡fiuufii! ¡andando! [balido de oveja] ¡beee,beee,beee! la tía bed llamó parece que llegó el correo ¡ja! ¡ve! ¡oh! ahora mismo en la camioneta del correo hay una nota que podría cambiar mi vida ¡a un lado! [máquina de peluquear] ¡brrr,brrr! ♪ porque yo no solo bailo quiero ser una gran bailarina y hace tres semanas audicioné para la mejor academia del país. ♪ la academia nacional de danza. era mi año, mi única oportunidad. y creía estar lista para todo pero estaba muy equivocada. ¡oh tú estás aquí! ¡y tú también! [risas] ¡ja,ja,ja! ♪ [suspiro] ¡ahhh! ♪ [golpe] ¡plum! (mujer) ¿te crees muy graciosa, no? ¡ohhh! voy a borrar esa sonrisa de... ah, disculpa los vestidores ¡ah! ¿también audicionas? es muy emocionante por poco me orino encima. sí.
Dec 26, 2012 1:00am PST
've not disappointed. >> thank you so much. >> this is "release me" which is as stunning as your eyes look on there. and "the guilt trip," funny, warm, smart, poignant, bursting with talent. it is barbara streisand on film. what more can i say? good to for all things barbra. come back, please. don't leave it so long. it took 47 years to get you in front of me. >> 47? >> i'm 47. >> you were a baby and you wanted to do an interview. >> yes. >> you don't have to exaggerate. >> the first thing that came out of my mouth. barbra, lovely to see you. the great barbra streisand. >>> tonight my favorite and most talked about interviews of the year. >> the most important thing to remember is i did not punch the guy. >> superstars. >> you have this amazing job. show up and be prepared. >> scandals. >> any excuse i make, whether it was a rough time in my life or the people that were there are my friends and they kind of baited me to it, none of that matters. >> i love maria. she has been truly the only love that i've ever had. >> the laughs. >> you're not pronouncing it correctly. it's 50 sh
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am PST
. ♪ ♪ don't forget to send me one of them pictures, elmore. well i won't. thanks two or three times mr. brady. okay! pat, i'll follow the coach on into town, i'll meet you back here later. ♪ ♪ howdy jeb. okay fellows search 'em. is that order include me sheriff? why ms. dale! howdy! sheriff this is roy rogers. roy, sheriff lindsay. how do you do, sheriff? howdy. that's a good looking dog you got there. thanks. hey bullet you better be nice to him, he's the law. say he's smart as a whip. you ought to set him on the opal gang. which reminds me, thanks for sending that telegram, if mark opal does come this way he'll get a mighty warm welcome. i'm going out now to see if i can pick up the trail. i'll keep in touch with ya. see that she keeps out of trouble if you can. oh. sure thing rogers. sorry to trouble you ms. dale, let me help you back in. thank you, sheriff. carrying any concealed weapons mr. kirby? i don't happen to have one with me this trip, but you can search me if you want to. say is there any place around here where a fellow can have a little fun? well,
Dec 6, 2012 8:00am EST
an important time for me. it is funny you bring up that word. i am actually in the process of removing fear from my vocabulary, because i believe there is so much greatness when we are not afraid. when we become afraid, we are never going to reach our highest potential, said that has been a big driving force to this record, and in a way, it affects how i wanted to put this album together. this is about my journey. this is about a girl becoming a woman and all of those tests and trials and tribulations that it takes for someone to go through, and we all go through it. so in actuality, that is why this album is so important to me. it is not about, "ok, quick. how many singles can resell?" it is about a really artistic statement, having something to say, bringing the audience with me to say, "we are all going through this life together." i think it has really made me a much smarter, braver, for sure, person. tavis: i in trying to phrase it right, but someone said that we have to give our fears and expiration date. maybe write a song about that, but i am not. >> i have got that for you. tavis:
Dec 30, 2012 6:30am EST
--. >> what made me leave i was a manager as well as being an artist, l.l. cool j., when he got out there, he had screaming girl fans like new edition, i was already singing about rolexs and bentleys, if i have to break it down and sing about boom boxes it's time to me to step to the back and put the young guys forward. >> by 1986 you started uptown. >> heavy d and the boys. ♪ >> how did you have the eye for targeting acts that weren't circulating at the time? >> it was timing and hip hop was becoming mainstream, i wanted to put it with r&b. my artist that fit my soul. >> another piece you added to the equation was love. >> 100%. i grew up on motown, marvin gaye, diana ross, i always had love in the back of my mine, i grew up with love, with heavy d, the concept with him was let's take the eye off his weight and put your eye more on his style and his heart, and his swag. so when he was singing "i want somebody to love me for me" ♪ >> that was always the concept style and love and attitude. >> you gave us ghetto love, mary j. blige singing -- that is a great image. what happened to that st
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